Top Fashion Tip - Details Decide the Whole

As the saying goes that a smart coat is a good letter of introduction. In fact, all fashion icons well know that apart from coats or costumes, local decorations are also magic weapons that will highlight your overall dress. They are adept at using the decorations to show off their advantage and manipulate the fashion world. Normally, we like to follow the step of fashion icons. And for this time, they will show us some fashion tips on how to become a fashion icon by using some local decorations.
Let silk scarves set off your meticulous and satiny neck. Many girls are very proud of their necks, but have no idea how to adorn it. You actually dearly need a beautiful silk scarf. A quality silk scarf can not only embellish the neck, but also can be a hood or a sexy sun-top. Silk scarves in are of entries materials standards, crafted and beautiful. More important, they are on sale! It is the best time for you to choose some perfect silk scarves now.
If you have smooth hands and fine fingers, you are advised to wear various rings. An exquisite ring is usually a necessity for a graceful lady. A shining ring made of delicate diamond will make you outstanding. When you want a sweet look, pick a pink hello kitty ring or flower-shaped ring.
Since it is winter now, a pair of over-knee leather booths is a necessary decoration for a chic look. Over-knee leather booths are very popular this year, for they can protect the legs from the cold, and make the legs thin and long at the same time. Even it is cold, many girls would not like to abandon skirt, and then the over-knee leather booths will come to rescue.
Silk stockings are needed for every woman of different ages. When you are young, silk stockings make you sexy. When your skin takes a turn for the worse and is not so smooth and bright as before, silk stockings will hide your disadvantage on legs. In recent years, girls pay more attention to silk stockings, as a result, silk stockings of different colors and patterns are pursued.
Some girls are really plain, but very attractive, which are amazing. The secret is that they learn the dress rules, and concern for the local decoration. It is easy to be a fashion icon, if only you deeply understand the above fashion tips. Anyway, the detail decides the whole!


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