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Dark Complexion Beauty Tips

Not all people have the same skin tone and so each skin tone needs their special kind of makeup and beauty tips. That way it maximizes the beautiful features of the skin you have. Hence, when you start applying makeup, first be sure what skin tone you have because what is good for the fair complexion will not be for you if you have a dark complexion. There are various shades to dark complexions like deep black to olive toned and no matter what shade of dark tone the woman has, she can look stunning with specific beauty tips. Some of these tips include using earth tones, bronzer instead of blush and choosing from a range of foundations.

So if you have a dark complexion, here is how you choose your makeup kit:

Foundation and Skin Tone

The beauty regime for your dark complexion will begin with choosing of the right shade of foundation that matches your natural skin tone.

If you are from Latin American or Indian background, most probably you have an olive skin tone and the best foundation for you is those with yellow-orange undertones. Such women also find a tinge of green undertone in the winters on their skin. To battle that, they need deep bronzing powder which will add warmth to their skin, as one tip from suggests. Foundations with red-orange undertone are perfect for those with medium-dark skin while those who have very dark skin will find foundations with slight blue tint working favorably with their skin tone.

It is also handy to buy a foundation that is a shade darker or lighter than the standard tint you need. The darker one can be used for covering up light spots on the face while the lighter one is perfect for hiding those dark spots under your eyes.


Next comes the choosing of perfect lip shades for your dark complexion.

A perfectly made pair of lips draws attention to any face and so you should learn to apply lipstick properly. If you are a younger woman, go for matte lipstick, according to The same site suggests that creamy and glossy lipstick is better for older women to give them a youthful appearance. As for color, choose dark colors if your complexion is dark. So it is blackberry or burgundy for those with very dark skin tone. Corals, mauves, sheer beiges and plums work better for those with medium-dark skin. For a memorable evening look, choose shades of bright red. If the shades of your lower and upper lips are different, then first apply a dark lipstick as a base layer on the lighter lip and then fill both lips with same shade of a dark color.

Eye Shadow

Bronze and copper eye shadows go well for those with olive skin tones. For more color, they can choose shades of gold, blue or purple. If you have this skin one and want to make a splash in an evening event, opt for silver shades. But the shades you should always avoid are the yellow-toned ones as they can make your skin look washed out. If you have darker complexion, go for dark plums and blackberry shades. Other eye shadows which will look good on are burgundy, dark charcoal, dark brown and copper.


If you have dark complexion, do not go for blushes with light tones; rather go for those that are darker to your skin tone. Light blushes will make your skin look ashy. For those with very dark tones, burgundies, pinks and reds are better to add color to their face. Using bronzer is also a great idea for them as it gives a nice glow. For those with olive or medium-dark skin tones, the colors to choose are roses, soft plums, dusty pinks and peaches. For going out in the evening, such women can choose a blush with a hint of gold.

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Great Fashion Tips for Men

As we move further in to the 21st century, the average male consumer is starting to take more care and pride in their appearance. This new emphasis on looking good has seen a massive increase in sales of male cosmetic products and has also meant that the male population is becoming increasingly fashion conscious. You will now regularly see many men sporting the latest designer clothes or designer jewellery in an attempt to make a fashion statement. With this in mind, we thought we would run down our top 5 fashion accessories for men in 2011.

Sterling Silver Bracelets – As the price of gold continues to rise, silver is now replacing it as the must have jewellery material, and sterling silver bracelets have grown a great deal in popularity. You will find all major jewellery designers offering a range of sterling silver bracelets to their male customer base as they look to take advantage of this craze. One example of this is a Blog sterling silver bracelet from Lovelinks, which can be worn alone or with personalised beads to create an individual item, making it a popular choice for everyone.
Leather Bracelets – A trendy alternative to silver bracelets or other items like watches are leather bracelets, which are a bit more discreet, subtle and will generally look good with whatever clothes you decide to put on before the day begins.
Summer Scarves – This will sound like the most bizarre clothing accessory, as who in their right mind would wear a scarf in the summer? Well that is what many males are now doing in a bid to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends. These scarves are a lot lighter than your standard woolly scarf, so that you don’t boil to death on a hot summer’s day, and will generally come in a variety of plain or checked alternatives.
Pea Coats – Something for you to look out for now (so that you can get them cheaper before the winter months come around) are pea coats. These coats can be a trendy and professional alternative, and the finest coats you will find will be made with 100% wool, and not a mixture of wool and cotton. These pea coats derived fromwhen 19th century soldiers who use to wear something similar. You will be able to find these coats in a variety of shapes and colours, but generally black and dark navy tend to be the most popular.
Chinos – Chinos are another item of clothing which originates from the 19th century, just after the Spanish-American war. These trousers have a military heritage, but they have been adapted over time to meet with the ever changing fashion trends.They have always been considered a smart and fashionable item of clothing, which means you can wear them in an everyday setting, with knitwear, casual shirts or sports jackets. Generally if you are looking for chinos, you will find them in a light brown or beige colour.

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Face Care Beauty Tips

Your face is your most important part on the body if your talk about the beauty of your body, so protecting the face must be your prime responsibility all the time in order to look more beautiful and attractive. So you only have to follow some simple and easy steps to take care of your skin, a couple of minutes daily will help you to save your lot of time and efforts you spent in worrying about your skin. Time passes very fast, so it’s always better to take precautions rather you just wait and see bad things happening to you, if your skin is changing its texture then it’s too late for you to react and read beauty tips or guidelines to take care of your skin, so it’s better if we should start before starting it.

It’s very important for you to first identify what type of skin you have and then after knowing that you need to choose appropriate beauty products for your skin.

Probably you have oily skin or dry skin and may be natural or mixture. So your skin type will lead you to the beauty guidelines and routine you should adapt for your skin care.

The beauty tips and techniques usually are for your face care e.g. toning, cleansing and moisturizing. Cleanser in not more than a face cream which we use to wash our faces. And the next product which we can apply on the skin is any toner which basically tightens our skin and also removes dirt from our skins as well. Then your face is ready to put on the moisturizer cream, its helps you to keep your skin soft and dirt free always try to use creamy moisturizer it gives you extra cover on your skin. In order to remove dead skin cells from your face skin for a harsh handling, we must try exfoliating employing granular products instead of these brutal treatments and techniques which will harm your face skin a great deal.

If you are a house working female and you prefer to use products easily available at home natural products and house medicines like mixing up a banana in avocado is really a good treatment to enhance and face beauty and for skin protection as well.

There are few other natural products as well which we can use e.g. take plain yogurt and mixing up with a teaspoon of olive oil and then mix together both gently and rub on your face up to neck nicely. Then you need to leave your face as it is after applying the mixture on it, this will renew your skin. For exfoliating use the mixture of some lemon juice, oatmeal and 1 red tomato, rub it on your face and let it remain at least for 15 minutes.

For skins having dry type, always choose a cleanser for your face skin which have less percentage of chemicals in it, or try to use soap more and water to wash your face and keep it clean. Wash your face at least once in a day with cold water. This feel make your skin more refreshing, then you need to apply toner and moisturizer. It will give you maximum protection if you do this daily before going to bed in night, the best cream to use at night is any of night cream moisturizer which keeps your skin softer and keep working on your skin as long as you sleep.

If you have an oily skin or any other kind of skin you will need to use cleansers, moisturizers and toners on your skin regularly. There is always much more chance for oily skins to absorb more dirt in them, so it’s always preferred that you use a face mask of clay or mud on you face if you have oily skin, mask containing oatmeal, lemon or cucumber at least once in a week. This treatment is very helpful and important to restore your skin beauty and absorbing oil capacity. The sooner you will develop your routine of doing all that on regular basis, there is less chance of damages on your skin and less difficult to take care of your skin.

If you get in this on daily basis it will become a normal routine for you to perform all the face care treatment on daily basis, so your face remain beautiful and your skin remain fresh. Any how you need to first test the beauty product which you will be using, you need to find out which cream mixture will be best for your face skin and protect your skin. You should choose the one which will make your face skin healthier and softer. You must take these precautionary care treatments before it’s become too late for you and your face skin from recovering.

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Summer Beauty Care Tips

Summer is a time for relaxation, recreation and rejuvenation. Follow our summer beauty essentials guide and get body beautiful for the holiday season.

Fresh fragrances

Perfumes can be too heavy in hot weather, so try a lighter scent. Our favourite mix and match scents include MOP 01, available in seven flavours including Mandarin, Spearmint and Ylang Ylang to create your own unique fragrance.

We also recommend:

Hei Poa Mono Tiare Eau de Toilette
Korres Body Water
Balm Balm 100% Organic Eau de Parfum
MOP Body Fragrance 01
Luscious locks

Sun, sea and indoor air conditioning can play havoc with your hair. Beat the frizz and keep moisture levels up with our selection of intensive conditioning treatments. We love Phyto sun veil containing sweet almond and lotus extract which leaves hair beautifully supple and shiny.

We also recommend:

Phyto Sun Veil
Korres Red Vine Hair Sun Protection
Hei Poa Beauty Oil Tiare
Matrix Biolage Sunsorials Protective Sun Gel
Joico K-Pak Protective Sun Milk
Protect against sun damage

Sun protection is vital in keeping skin healthy, so always wear a moisturiser with added SPF, even if it is overcast.

Korres produce a number of everyday moisturisers that help protect from the sun, such as Pomegranate Balancing Moisturiser for Oily/Combination Skin. For body protection try Badger Balm SPF15 Sun Block or for a higher level, Korres Sweet Orange Sunscreen Milk SPF25.

We also recommend:

Badger Balm Sun Block SPF 15 Creme
Ultrasun Protection 17
Ole Henriksen Sun-Light Protection Creme
Korres Sweet Orange Sunscreen Milk
Phyto Phytosolaire Daily Supplements
Gorgeous skin
The secret to silky soft skin lies in following a simple skin care routine. Exfoliate twice a week with one of our favourite body scrubs, brightening your complexion with a body polish. Moisturising regularly with one of our scrumptious body butters will help keep your skin looking radiant.

We also recommend:

Korres Vanilla Plum Body Butter
Get Flirty Lathering Body Buff
Balance Me Skin Brightening Exfoliant
Fake Bake Body Polish
Laid Bare Organic Shea Body Butter
Fake it

Hit the beach with confidence, say goodbye to those pasty limbs and get that sunkissed look in an instant! We recommend Fake Bake Original for experienced tanners, and Hei Poa Monoi Beauty Oil with macerated tiare flowers, enhanced with golden shimmering mother of pearl to nourish skin and moisturise the skin after sun exposure.

We also recommend:

Hei Poa Monoi Beauty Oil Pearlised Gold
Nuxe Teint Ultra Prodigeux
Murad Oil-Free Sunblock SPF 15 Sheer Tint
Fake Bake Mousse
Fake Bake Original Self Tan Lotion
Fancy footwork
Revive tired, aching feet after a hard day with Arran Aromatics delicious moisturising rub. Containing essential oils of lavender to soothe away soreness, and peppermint to cool and refresh, this super moisturising cream leaves a lingering fragrance that will have you walking on air. We also recommend investing in an Urban Spa Pumice Stone to keep hard skin at bay.

We also recommend:

Cowshed Udderly Gorgeous Leg and Foot Treatment
Badger Balm Foot Balm
Barefoot Botanicals S.O.S Refreshing Foot Balm
Urban Spa Volcanic Pumice Stone
Arran Aromatics Feel Good Formulas Moisturising Foot Rub
Smooth sexy pins

Hair removal can leave your skin sore and dry, so keep your pins in perfect condition by moisturising regularly, especially after shaving. Dry oils are good for those with sensitive skin, we recommend This Works Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil for tackling dry, rough skin areas.

We also recommend:

Figs & Rouge Leg and Foot
Korres Body Butter Cream
Guam Fangocreama Mud for Legs
This Works Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil

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