Men's Fashion Tips For All Occasions

Today, unlike in the past, men too pay a lot of attention to looking good and presentable at all times like women and they do not feel apologetic about it. Let us have a look at what tips can be had for men's fashion for all occasions.

It is better to have a little common sense, pick up the right tips and importantly choose something that gels with your personality rather than being focused on what other people are wearing - after all, what you select should enhance your personality and not diminish it.

It would do good to look at yourself in the mirror after dressing up and see who you look. You could also take the advice of people whom you trust such as your wife, your parents or even your children or friends. You could also go through various men's fashion magazines to pick up the latest trends - after all, it would be great if people perceive you as one who is in touch with the latest trends in men's fashion.

Apart from what you wear how you carry yourself, it is also very important for you to have the confidence to go with your choice of clothes.

Blazers are like jackets but which are brought separately from your trousers. If you choose a few good, smart blazers (the convenient colors would be black and navy blue) with classy, shiny, golden buttons, it would look very nice with the correct choice of trousers - for instance, a navy blue blazer would look very smart with beige trousers. It is not necessary that the shades should always be similar - sometimes, an appropriate contrast would also make you look really smart (like what has been described above).

Sport coats are less formal as compared to blazers but can also look very nice. Worn with leather shoes, will make you look a little more formal as compared to wearing them with sports shoes - it depends on what the occasion is. If you wish to be bold you choose a purple satin sports jacket whereas if you wish to be a little less flashier then you can opt for a beige colored sports jacket with brown trousers. Sports jackets are normally worn with tapered dress shirts and jeans.

In the world of men's fashion, classic suit jackets are not stand-alone unlike blazers -they usually come with a pair of trousers which are made of the same fabric and color. The common colors would be navy blue, tan, grey, black and olive green. Normally, there would not be patterns on the suits but if there are they would be quite subdued, not very prominent - pinstriped, herring bone or windowpane - the reason behind this is that normally a suit is worn for a formal occasion and it would be better to look as businesslike as possible.

For really smart look for an important occasion, it would be appropriate to select a suit of navy blue color, with good quality black leather shoes, a leather belt with a gold buckle, gold cufflinks and a golden watch. This should help you to stand out. Your hair should be well combed, you must have had a good shave and it would be difficult for you then not to be noticed.

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