Twelve Old Fashioned Cleaning Tips

When cleaning needs to be taken care of, it often requires the good old fashioned hands on technique and consistent follow through. When following through and making it a bit of fun. it's surprising how these little tips add up to a large savings of time and a clean result comes shining through.

1. Surprise yourself. Set a kitchen timer for 15 minutes and see just how many rooms you can get cleaned in that time.

2. Cleaning for shorter periods of time makes it seem much easier and smaller. If you're in the mood to clean for longer then put on a musical CD or talking book and time will go faster. You might actually find yourself waiting till the CD is over before stopping!

3. Keep a container of all of your cleaning supplies stocked in a bucket.

4. When you are cleaning windows wipe up and down for the inside and side to side for the outside.

That way if there are any streaks you know which side they are on.

5. When cleaning an entire room start at the top and work your way to the bottom so you will not miss anything.

6. To make it easier to keep your litter box clean then keep some recyclable bags and the scooper near it.

7. When emptying your trash containers the next time place clean garbage bags in the bottom of each. This way it will make emptying them each time faster.

8. It's also a good idea to attach an extension cord to your vacuum so that you will not have to stop each time to unplug it and move to a closer plug.

9. Keep a small supply of cotton swabs in your cleaning supplies bucket to get those little nooks that are hard to reach clean.

10. One of the best ways in which to prevent lots of messes is to put things away as you go.

Teach others living with you to clean up after themselves.

11. Multi-task whenever you can. Cooking something in the microwave throw in a load of laundry. Or while the dishwasher is running then throw a load of laundry in the washer at the same time.

12. When you are cooking it is also a great idea that any spices you are using be put away when finished. Wash your pots and pans when you are finished with them. Clean as you cook. This will make after dinner clean up a breeze.

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