Feminine Affairs: Simple and Cheap Fashion Tips

As a woman, you’d always have to look your best no matter what the occasion. However, you don’t need an expensive make-over or designer clothes to look attractive; there are simple and cheap ways to be stylish. Matching referee shirts for ladies with jeans and adding a few accessories can do the trick. You can consult the following for your dose of fashion styling tips.

Hairstyle They say that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. This can be true if you know how to style your hair in the right way. Don’t just tie your hair in a ponytail when you go out, try a new look for a change. One of the popular hairstyles today is the bob cut. It’s posh, easy to style and trendy. Bob cuts are ideal for tall and slender fit women.

Long and wavy manes are also becoming a trendy style among women. 

Shoes One of the items that women usually indulge themselves in is a pair of shoes. Women’s footwear comes in different varieties- stilettos, boots, dress shoes and even flip-flops. Don’t just put on a pair on hastily; match your shoes with your entire outfit. For instance, mid-length skirts can be paired with doll/ballet shoes. Your little black dress for evening occasions can go well with a stiletto. Rubber or walking shoes can be suitable if you opt to go for the sporty and casual look wearing a referee top.

Earrings Women like to put earrings on to accentuate their facial features.

There are many styles to choose- from pearl earrings to the classic hoop earrings. However, you should be sure that the design of your earring will complement your face and outfit. However, don’t go overboard when you put on earrings. You should choose a pair that will fit your face and style. Drop earrings are ideal for round shaped faces whereas pearl earrings can go well for square faces. Hoop earrings are ideal for long and narrow faces since they add width to the face.

Bags Don’t just pick a bag where you can put all your stuff in; choose one that would go well with your attire and figure. Do this by standing in front of the mirror and see if it works well with how you look. The size of your bag should also be proportional to your body figure. Tall and thin women are advised to carry slouchy or rounded shaped bags while short and voluptuous women should use sleek and rectangular bags. Bags come in different shapes and some can be paired with referee shirts for ladies.

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