Hot Beauty Tips For 2011

Being beautiful is something some people naturally have, but most of us are not that lucky and have to use cosmetics and other things to help. If you are in the minority and are naturally beautiful then this article may not be any good to you, but if you are in the majority and you need to work hard to look good then the latest beauty trends for 2011 are below. The are all things that are really hot right now and will help to make you stand out at any party.

1. If you have been out the door in the last few months at all then you may have realized that red coloured hair has become massively popular. Ever since Rhianna coloured her hair red it has become a huge trend with every trendy person across the Country getting there hair dyed red. So if you haven't already caught on get your hair red before you miss the trend and are left behind.


Getting your eyelashes full and long is definitely hot now. If you are not naturally lucky to have long eyelashes there are a few simple solutions. The first is a eyelash growth product that you apply a cream to the eyelash and it will increase the eyelashes length after a few weeks. The second is eyelash curler that will create an effect that your eyelashes are longer. And for instant results you can apply fake eyelashes but this can look cheap if not done correctly.

3. Getting a big buttocks has become really hot since the emergence of Kim Kardashian. If you want a big buttocks like Kim Kardashian you do not need to eat a lot of high fat foods, in fact you do need need to eat any just doing regular exercises concentrating mostly on the butt and thigh area will help you buttocks grow.


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