Fashion Tips For A First Date

So you've actually managed to convince that new and hot intern in your office into a date, good for you, so what next? relax, if you want it to go well, then you will have to prepare to impress, the following pieces of advice will show you exactly how to impress her and possibly squeeze a second date out of her and maybe a goodnight kiss if you're so lucky.

Highlight the positive

What part of your body have women complimented you on? Each one of you has features that are stand-out sexy, from a particularly shapely, round, well-built booty to broad shoulders or a trim waistline. The key is to dress to accentuate these assets. We girls want to see that booty, not wonder where it is, hidden in a baggy pair of jeans. Let your clothes hug (a little bit) the parts of your body that are particularly hot. That will get you a second date for sure. It also shows that you are confident, which is very, very sexy.

Groom your facial hair

Whether you shave you face clean, or have a beard or goatee, if you've recently cared for your facial hair by trimming and getting the smooth parts smooth, we'll notice. We girls love facial hair, and don't even mind sometimes if it scratches us during a nice, long kiss, but it's so attractive to see that you spent some time over the sink, in front of the mirror, getting it looking it's best for your first date.

Mind your smell

From your breath to your underarms, if we get close to you and you smell neutral, or even nice, we'll only want to get closer. This doesn't mean that you should slap on cologne. Heavy scents can actually drive women away. But, if you smell generally fresh or even minty (love the breath mints), you're way upping your chances at a second date

Your skin must look good

If you have clear, clean, healthy-looking skin, that's super attractive. Maybe you need to keep a facial cleanser in your shower to keep it clear. Or, if you're not exercising, doing so would likely improve your glow. Whatever it takes, try to get your skin looking vibrant and we'll be nuzzling your neck in no time.

Be clean

From scrubbing under your fingernails, to making sure that you car smells nice and has nothing on the passenger seat when we get in, your cleanliness has major appeal. Yes, even sex appeal because, when things get hot and heavy, it's comforting to know that your man is recently showered.

Put your best foot forward

It's nice to see that you take care of your stuff. We notice little things like your shoes being shiny, or at least not scratched up or worn out, and your watch fitting you well and functioning. The fewer excuses that you have to make about your scratched glasses, broken belt buckle and stained pants, the more time we get to spend drinking in your manliness. If you take good care of your apparel, you probably take good care of your home, your car, your work space and your girlfriends.

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