Fashion Tips In Your Fifties

People assume that finding your own sense of style is a one-time thing, that you identify your signature look and it stays that way. But once you get a bit older you realise your style has to evolve with you and stay both on trend and age appropriate. This guide will help you to get the latest looks for Spring 2011 without dressing too young, or too old!

Staple wardrobe

Whilst many aspects of your wardrobe will change over time, there are other things that will remain the same. Your basic clothes shapes will often remain similar, after all; as long as your body shape doesnt go through any major upheavals the general cut of your clothes should still work.

In terms of basics its well worth investing in key pieces good quality trousers in a range of materials and cuts. T-shirts and vests too are good to stock up on. The main shape will very seldom change, and good quality garments should last you a few seasons.

Dress your age, not your mums (or your daughters)!

Dont forget, trying to remember how mature women dressed when you were younger will almost always lead to a major fashion faux pas. Just try to strike a middle ground, using others around you and similar aged celebrities for inspiration. Team classic cuts with more contemporary extras for an up to date look that is fitting for your age.

In fact dressing too old can be even worse than dressing too young. To avoid the Ive borrowed this outfit from my daughter look go for slightly longer skirts (around the knee is perfect) and avoid anything that is too tight fitting. Most of us do this automatically, but its always a good point to bear in mind. Its also important not to go in the other direction.

Its so easy to slip into bad habits as we get older. Despite the fact that these shapeless items will indeed hide age-related problem areas, there are often other ways to disguise them without resorting to constant long skirts and frumpy cardigans.

The wrap dress is an example of an ageless style that will show your curves. A perfect dress for a woman in her fifties features a short or three quarter length sleeve in a wrap style and falls to the knee. This style of dress will skim any bumpy bits, hide even the worst bingo wings and yet accentuate your waist. Plus its the perfect way to incorporate the latest prints and colours into your wardrobe.

If you prefer small smatterings of print then opt for wide leg linen trousers and a simple top (add a bolero to vests if youre conscious of your arms), then wear bold accessories like chunky bangles or a stylish bag with more fashionable colours or designs. This will also save money on updating your wardrobe, as a few key pieces will go a very long way.

Show your personality

Dont forget fashion is one thing, but style is another thing entirely! Incorporate fashionable pieces alongside classic favourites and items that you feel are just you. If you have a favourite belt that holds memories for you, and it will work with the latest fashionable top (worn tastefully of course) then its the perfect outfit.

As we get older our possessions tell the story of how we got to where we are now, and if a few of those items can be incorporated into your wardrobe then all the better.

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