Men's Fashion Tips For A First Date

When it comes to choosing clothing for an event, most men find the most stressful event to be the first date. The reason for this is, being that they want to make a good first impression and realize that their attire can certainly help them to achieve this. This concept however is what creates the stress.

The best way to get around this is to first determine where the date is going to be. Perhaps if it is a dinner date the location or restaurant will be helpful in determining what should be worn. If it is an upscale restaurant then it may well dictate that shirt and tie must be worn which means the man will have to choose a suit. So which one shall it be? Well if there is only one suit choice available then that solves that problem. If the man has several to choose from then going with a plain dark suit will be playing it safe. If it is the warm months however, than a lighter color would be more appropriate.

One thing that should not happen is that the man be overdressed and the woman under dressed. If this should happen it is laying the groundwork for a disaster. The man could ask his date what she will be wearing to the occasion. It doesn't hurt to ask her opinion as to what he should wear as well. This works in most circumstances but not all.

If the decision has not been made as to where the date is going to take place then dressing semi casual may be a good idea. By having a sport coat make up part of the attire, it can always be removed if the date is dressed in a more casual fashion.

Being comfortable but dressed well is important. If the date is going to take place at the girl's home it still means that attention to dress is important. Remember the impression is being made on the date not the location of the date. A good pair of quality jeans with a nice plain shirt or pullover will usually work well in these circumstances.

If the date has arranged the location then asking what the dress code is should be the action taken. This way there is less chance of making any awkward mistakes. Often on a first date many men make the mistake of overdressing which makes the date feel very uncomfortable if she has not dressed the same. That is why finding that happy medium is important.

Just as important though is not to down dress either. Showing up for a date in track pants is really not going to be impressive. Even if it is something as simple as going for a walk the dress is important. Its not that the date is looking for prestige, but dressing well sends out the message that the man cares enough to put some time and thought into his appearance for her benefit.

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