Men's Summer Fashion Tips

As the weather warms up and the days grow longer the summer fashion trends are coming out quickly. While some men will only be switching from long-sleeved to short-sleeved shirts, fashionable men always want to look their best for every situation and every season. Here are a few easy tips to help “summarize” your wardrobe.

Wear Light fabrics The summer heat makes this an obvious fashion trend. A cotton or linen will keep you cooler and gives your look a more casual feel.

White Incorporating as much white into your summer wardrobe will also help with the heat, but more importantly white is a signature color of summer. The famous fashion rule of never wearing white after Labor Day just reinforces the fact that white clothing was made for summer.

Light colors We can’t all wear white every day of summer and some people avoid white because their complexion may be too fair or they just can’t avoid stains.

For that reason light or pastel colors can help give a summery feel. Keep in mind that too many pastels in one ensemble will take your look back to spring.

Stripes This summer trend has yet to go out of fashion and will always give you a nautical, summer look. The trick is to pick a stripe pattern alternating with white and one other color. Pick whatever color works best with you and go with horizontal stripes. Vertical stripes don’t work on everyone and can look more like a soccer jersey than a summer outfit.

Patterned shorts Striped or plaid shorts can give you the preppy look that you would find in the Hamptons at summertime.

These shorts are a great addition to your wardrobe because you can typically change up the color of your shirt or style of your shirt for more variety.

Belts and Shoes Accessories can help take your look into summer. Texture will be the key in finding a summer belt. A tweed or rope belt will give your look a nautical feel. Likewise, a pair of boat shoes can work with most summer outfits and will give you a laid-back, ready for the water look.

Suits While summer means no school for children, the same doesn’t apply for work. The good news is, you can incorporate your summer style into your work wardrobe. A khaki or light blue suit will feel much more fresh and summery than a traditional black suit. Cotton and linen can help make wearing suits more bearable in the heat. Seersucker suits are back in fashion and will lighten up your wardrobe. Choosing a summer tie knot is just as important as your suit, and generally the white, pastel or nautical stripes will match perfectly.

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