Beauty tips Hawaii ? the natural beauty

Hawaii May is without doubt one of the most beautiful state in America. With its long sandy beaches, volcanoes and magma into the sea, exotic flowers and native traditions, Hawaii could be the nearest exotic location to visit directly from the United States.

And, of course, with all this beauty, women are in Hawaii, have their secrets and beauty tips from Hawaii.

Keep your pretty face, healthy

It 'a good idea to avoid washing –and clean your face under a hot shower spray. The force and pressure of the water to heat the water only in relation to damage to the skin.

Will break the capillaries on the face and the skin is patchy and uneven. Always wash skin gently with warm water and radiator with mild soap.

Eyes swollen from lack of sleep? Or perhaps inflated because of the many women from other reasons for swollen eyes, dehydration, more alcohol, heredity. Many womenRadius of fruits and vegetables and cut a cucumber. This would be counterproductive for some women. A better idea is to dip cotton wool in cold milk, remove more and sleep, relax and keep the wool, cotton soaked in milk in the eye for five minutes.

Hooray for the pineapple and coconut!

Most of us do not have the good fortune of coconut around us, but can benefit from the beauty of Hawaii-tips for women from the south. Coconuts are good for ourAgencies in several respects.

The first is to drink -. Grasso, who is not the type of damage, but mono-saturated, so do your body good to eat. The second is – for the treatment of hair. Add the coconut milk in your hair shine and stimulate hair growth if used after shampooing will be. And if you do not go enough coconut milk to bathe! This is a softening of the skin and the boy a good smell.

Pineapples are rich in alpha-hydroxy acids, and these are used for peelingSkin. All you have to do is type in a blender and rub his face crushed. Significantly less expensive than designer cleaning solutions, such as pineapple contains natural exfoliation, you will not find many other products, natural, organic and healthy for the skin, such as pineapple.

Capture the magic of the sea

Minerals from the sea are known for moisture and leaves skin healthy and radiant glow again. Algae, seaweed and sea salt scrubs are excellent andhelp remove dead cells. Ocean minerals in these compounds are also useful for the reduction of cellulite since it increases the circulation and are toxic substances in the deposits of fat.

Coffee – For your face?

Beauty tips Hawaii are mainly in the exploitation of nature for health and wellbeing of your body. Coffee naturally contains caffeine is a stimulant, not only for your home, but also for your skin. Increased blood flow to the skin healthy, pinkthe skin more luminous. What other benefits?

– Relieves irritation
– Removes dead skin
– Acts as an astringent
– Fight against free radicals
– Support for the war against acne oil on the face

The use of these beauty tips you can not win a vacation in one of the most beautiful places in America, but it can feel like a beautiful woman who has lived his entire life.

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