Fashion Tips For Winter

With our winters getting progressively worse we thought it was about time someone offered a guide to staying fashionable, warm and comfortable during the snowy season. Dressing for the weather doesn't mean you have to look dowdy; in fact it's quick and easy to find a fashionable outfit that's winter proof!

The idea is that a snow friendly outfit will keep you warm, dry and looking fantastic. With a bit of forward planning that doesn't have to mean gaiters and hiking boots!

The shoes

The most important part of your winter outfit is your footwear! There's no point heading out in the snow wearing stiletto peep toes or boots with no tread. The perfect pair of winter boots should have the following:

A good tread
A waterproof outer
A thick sole
A warm lining

Obviously they also have to look good! As long as your boots have all of the above, even a small heel should be manageable.

We can't stress enough the importance of a thick sole. Thinner soled shoes will simply freeze leaving you with little or no grip.

If you go for wellies then get a fun and funky pair that will keep your outfit looking fresh, it's also worth considering wide calf boots. They leave you more room for tucking in your trousers!

If you're really set on wearing some less than grippy shoes then it could be worth investing in some slip on crampons. They're easy to attach to your shoes and don't change the look too much!

The jacket

Next up is the jacket, it's key to keeping your body warm, and forms a major part of your outfit! We prefer a good, thick wool jacket with an umbrella to a waterproof.

It all depends how on trend you want to be! Opt for a long jacket, preferably with a hood that comes down past your hips. This allows it to cover the tops of your legs as well as covering the join between top and trousers/ skirt.

Capes are popular this year; the advantage is that you can cross your arms inside them to keep warm. However, they do let in a lot of wind so it's down to how warm your layers are underneath!


Accessories are yet another important part of the snow-safe outfit. Go for gloves, (we like the type with cut off fingers and a removable mitten) a good hat, scarf, thick socks and an umbrella. Earmuffs are optional. You can have real fun with your accessories. All that matters is that they're warm, so use them to give your outfit some personality!

The top

Knitwear is usually the best bet in cold weather, but layer it with lighter, cotton tops. This means when you arrive at your destination and the central heating is full blast you won't boil, but neither will you freeze outside.

The trousers

We like to wear leggings, thick tights or skinny jeans in this weather. The close fitting means they're warmer than baggier styles. Plus they can be tucked into your boots to keep the cuffs dry. Perfect!

So get ready to face the wintry weather without going out of fashion and remember; snow doesn't have to mean a departure from style! Just work the winter look!

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