Mens Fashion Tips And Men's Rings

Rings have been a fashion accessory for men since their first creation about 5,000 years ago. They were first used as a symbol of union between a man and a woman in marriage to bind them together. Since that time men's rings have taken on a number of different characteristics, including some that have become a caricature of themselves.

An example of this is the pinky ring, that was adapted by Italian-Americans as a status symbol and become popularized through the movies. Another example is the over-sized ring worn by black pimps to show that they made it and they have control over their world. Other rings that have symbolism for men are the school rings, that are a right of passage for graduation from high school and college.

In that same line are the Super Bowl rings that are a trophy ring cherished by football players in the USA who win the ultimate football championship. Men's rings are a symbol of power, prestige, or achievement. As wedding rings they are a symbol of commitment. Men's rings can also be a choice of fashion. The choices are diverse and wonderful to explore.

There are men's rings for all four fingers and the thumb. However, unless you are the Grand Pooh-Bah or the Sultan of Arabia, we do not recommend you wear a ring on all fingers of the hand. That is reserved for times long lost. You can wear a ring on one (maybe two) fingers of each hand depending on why you wear them, what they symbolize, and whether they go together or not. If your ring finger is reserved on your right had for your wedding ring or your school ring if you are not yet married, then you still have your left hand to consider.

You might be able to carry off an extra ring on each hand depending on how it looks and what you do for your profession. If you hang on in the streets and make your money of the nearest street corner then feel free to adorn yourself with as many rings as possible. But for the average man, one ring per hand is probably the best fashion mode you can present.

We used to add a pinky ring as an option, yet it congers up images of the Italian Mafia and so forth which seem inappropriate for people who do not live in New Jersey or New York. The most current fashion advice is , the right-hand ring-finger is reserved for either a wedding ring (please make sure you pay enough to have a matched set of rings with your bride).

If not married use the school ring from high school, if you did not yet graduate college. Use your college ring instead if you did graduate university and use the Super Bowl ring instead of that if you happen to be a sports super star.

On your left-hand ring-finger this is the place where you are allowed the most personal expression of fashion, so pick a ring that means the most to you, whether it is an ostentatious gold diamond ring or a biker's skull ring, whatever turns you on, that is where you can wear it, and wear it proudly.

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