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A dream has come true. It is time to remodel your kitchen. Months of planning, sorting through magazine clippings, watching home remodel television shows, talking to friends, visiting model homes. You have the plans, you have the Atlanta kitchen remodeling crew selected and now the time had come to start the process. Where do you start?

It will probably take at least three months for a complete kitchen remodel. That is a lot of time to be without a kitchen. You can save hundreds of dollars and several pounds from fast food dining with a little preparation. First, put your microwave in a place where it can be used. Maybe the den or library or in an out of the way place will be your temporary kitchen while your real kitchen is torn up. Cook and freeze meat ahead of time. Brown several pounds of hamburger with onion and garlic for spaghetti, shepherds pie, tacos, or other casserole style dinners. Cooked chicken can easily be made into soups, tacos, or simply warmed up. A roast can be used in a number ways including sandwiches.

Besides your cooked and frozen meats, keep your crock-pot handy. With a little preparation, dinner can be made in the morning before work. Pork roast and chicken breast make great pulled BBQ sandwiches, tacos or burritos. Use the leftovers for soups and casseroles. Casseroles can be heated in the microwave on a lower setting to melt cheese and blend flavors if the meat is cooked ahead of time.

Take a trip to the warehouse type store and stock up on paper goods. Yes, you can wash dishes in the bathroom sink and bathtub, but the novelty is going to wear off soon, if you can avoid washing all the silverware and plates you will be in better shape. Another good appliance to leave out is the electric griddle. Pancakes, eggs, grilled cheese sandwiches make great, easy meals when the oven is gone. While at the warehouse store you might want to grab some premade food for those days when you cannot stand the clutter and mess any longer.

While an Atlanta kitchen remodel is a dream come true, the process of getting it done is something less than a dream. With a little patience, planning and foresight you can help to alleviate some of the stress and hassle of a remodel and look forward to the day when that beautiful kitchen is yours for the cooking!

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